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With a customer-centric approach, our HR Solutions foster a positive and engaging work environment that boosts employee performance and position your business for sustained growth in a competitive market. 

Consulting, $150 per hour

Package hourly rates vary based on package from $125-$145/hr

 We provide expert guidance and advice on various HR matters, including policy development, compliance, employee relations, and performance management.


Hiring / Recruiting / Building your Team, Package Pricing Varies based on needs: $699 - $2599

We guide you through the hiring process and create a customized approach based on your needs, supporting your team with anything from creating solid job descriptions and job postings to interviewing and hiring the right people that culturally fit with your company vision and mission. 


Special Projects - $150/hr, hours quoted and mutually agreed upon before start of project.

We take on unique HR projects, such as HR Investigations, Restructuring Initiatives, Mergers and Acquisitions Support, Strategic Growth Initiatives and HR Technology Implementations, providing customized solutions for your specific challenges.


Customized Workshops & Training - Starting at $549

Our tailored workshops and training programs enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce, covering areas such as but not limited to leadership development, communication, strategy and goal setting.

Get in Touch

Schedule a Free Consultation today so we can show your customized programs based on your company's unique needs. 

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