Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs Just Starting a Business

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Who says you have to have a degree or even a high school diploma to start a business? Teen entrepreneurs can start successful businesses with profits ranging from enough for gas money to funding a college education. These tips can help you get started as a teen business owner.

Benefits of Teens Starting a Business

Making money is often a motivator for teens to start a business, but young entrepreneurs can enjoy many other benefits, including:

  • Money management. With the money comes the need to manage it wisely and reinvest in the company.

  • Creativity. Being a business owner gives teens a creative outlet.

  • Problem-solving skills. Teens learn how to solve business-related problems to help their company succeed.

  • Flexibility. Traditional part-time jobs for teens can be limiting when it comes to time. Starting a business allows teens to work around their schedules.

  • Business skills. Teen business owners learn business skills, including communication, networking, professionalism, and marketing, that will be beneficial in all future careers or businesses.

Teen Business Ideas

The best business ideas match your passion or skills. Consider what knowledge and experience you have and how you can turn that into a business. Your location can also give you ideas. For example, Denver receives an average of 60 inches of snow per year, much more than the U.S. average of 28 inches, so a seasonal snow shoveling business could be profitable.

Some teen business ideas include:

  • Dog walking or pet sitting

  • Babysitting

  • Errand service

  • Tutoring

  • Handmade crafts

  • Teaching lessons on music, art, or other skills

  • Graphic design

  • Blogging or vlogging

  • Photography

  • Home baker

  • Car detailing service

  • Tech support

  • Online course creator

Tips for Teen Business Owners

The following tips can help you succeed as a teen business owner:

  • Use a planner: A 30-day planner template gives you a monthly overview of planning tasks for your business. It's an effective way to balance school, business, and social life. Choose a customizable template that lets you choose graphics, videos, and sticky notes for your planner. Here's a monthly planner template you can use.

  • Start small: Begin your business on a small scale so you can balance it with your other obligations. This also allows you to start the business with less money and grow as you start earning.

  • Follow legal requirements: Even though you're young, you still need to follow legal requirements for businesses, such as getting proper licensure or establishing a business structure. For example, Colorado requires a license for an in-home daycare unless it meets certain exemption criteria, so you might need to go through the licensing process to start a summer in-home daycare.

  • Take risks: You don't want to be careless with your money, but taking calculated risks and being creative can help you succeed.

  • Get advice and support: Find a business mentor to learn from as you start your business. Don't be afraid to ask for help or take classes to learn skills that will help your business.

Start a Business

Teens can be highly successful at starting a business and can earn a significant income. If you're an entrepreneur, no matter what your age, explore the coaching plans and services from Coach Jen Bilger to help you succeed.

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